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In Home Puppy Training Near Me & In Home Dog Obedience Training

Why In-Home Training?
With much in-depth study and training over many years, we've found that pets and their owners get the utmost of training in the relaxed atmosphere and privacy of their home.

We feel there is no comparison between in-home training and group classes.

When at group classes there's the pressure and fear of others, so you're too nervous to do well with so many distractions, and your pet basically feels the same way.


We feel that you and your pet need individual attention and counseling when you need it most, for as long as needed.

As opposed to a group of people with their dogs, they all usually need help and questions answered when one person can't possibly spend the time needed with each person

That's just a few reasons why we come to you

Most Common Questions

Q. What age should I start training?

A. We believe you can start training at the young age of 6 weeks. Your puppy will learn to respond to basic commands and respect for the words NO and OK.

Q. Is my dog too old?

A. No, we believe your dog is never too old to learn and you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Q. Will my dog forget what he's learned after the course is over?

A. No, your dog will remember everything he's learned throughout his life, as long as you follow through with the training homework after the initial training ends. You will have years of pleasure with a well trained dog.

Q. When will I see results?

A. Right away, even after the first lesson. You should see an improvement after each training lesson as long as you're consistent and persistent with your trainer's instructions.

Q. Should all members of the family participate in the training?

A. Yes, otherwise your dog will tend to listen better to the one who works with him the most.

Q. Is it guaranteed?

A. Yes, for as long as you own your dog. If you have problems in the area of training your dog received, we will retrain him at no charge!

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